McManus Family Fruit


Pears cannot be hurried.  By nature they don't ripen well on the tree, and are generally picked when they have matured but are still hard and not ripe for eating.  Much of their sweetness develops as they ripen off the tree.  If left on the tree to ripen, the result would be a dry and mealy piece of fruit. However, a mature pear, picked at the right time and ripened at room temperature, will be juicy, sweet and smooth.

When you receive your pears, put a few on the counter or in a bowl.  Keep an eye on them.  Pears are social, preferring to ripen in a group, even in a paper bag.  If you are not ready to eat your pears right away, they will keep well in a cool place--but the refrigerator is best. The most reliable way to select a ripe pear is to apply a little pressure with your thumb to the neck near the stem.  If the flesh 'gives' when pressed, it is ready.  Enjoy.