McManus Family Fruit

Growers of Fine Tree Fruit For Three Generations

McManus Family Fruit is situated in the heart of one of America's premier tree fruit regions.  Our fifty acre orchard offers a variety of both conventional and organic pears, apples, and cherries.  Unlike much fruit you will find on the market today, ours has a face and story to tell. 

Throughout the season, each individual tree has been watched over, all the work done by a small group of dedicated people with the help of a few technological advances: wrenches, ladders, tractors. Every piece of fruit we sell is hand-picked and hand polished. Every piece has been carefully tucked into the box you receive it in. 

When you bite into an apple or pear we have grown, you're not just enjoying a delicious, juicy treat fresh from the tree. With that bite you'll be able to say, "This was Ben Franklin's favorite." Or, "This pear has no seeds because of a stinging spring frost."

  Explore our website, learn more and enjoy our delicious harvest.